Host your own Workout for Water Event!

Be a part of transforming lives around the world.

The goal of Workout for Water is for individuals to come together and do a high-energy workout while helping provide our most basic physical need to those around the world…clean water.

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If you are in the fitness industry, you are in the business of life change.

We could bet on the fact that you have seen countless individuals radically change their lives through exercise and nutrition.


Workout for Water is in the business of life change too.


Did you know that TODAY 1,800 children will die from waterborne diseases?

We do our best to change that and help people around the world gain access to a safe water source.

Together, by hosting a Workout for Water event, we can partner to radically improve lives around the globe.


Help Change Lives



Who doesn't love a good t-shirt?

We will provide high quality Next Level brand t-shirts for all your participants.

Promotional Goods

- 10 yellow 5-gallon “jerry cans” for you to use leading up to event for promotion and during the event.

- Create and print up to 15 posters to display in gym and local businesses.

- Mailing a postcard to all of your clients and any other individuals or businesses you would like us to announcing the event and encouraging participation.

- Announcements on social media about the event.

Access to

Access to so your participants can register, create their own fundraising page, etc.

Event Venue Help

If you would like to rent a venue, like a public park or something, we will pay the rental fee up to a reasonable amount.

Group Photo

An image of group photo for you to display in your gym so that athletes and prospects could see that giving back is part of the culture in your facility.

Sample Workouts

We can send you sample workouts that have been done in the past to allow you to use one of them, or you can design your own.

Project Report

A report back with photos, GPS, and testimonies from the project your community funded allowing them to see how their giving truly was used to transform lives.

Neverthirst Representative

A Neverthirst representative will come to the event, if possible.

Choose a Date

Pick any date you would like to host and venue, and we will book your Workout for Water!


Once the date is decided, we would need your address list of clients so that we could send them a postcard announcing the event (this list would only be used for this one time).


Help us spread the word!

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